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Support Forum
If you cannot find an answer in the resources, my forum is the place to go. Before posting a question please make use of the search facility. This service is free.

Bug Tracker
This page allows you to submit a bug with either my own software. The Bug Tracker is not a place to ask for support, posting questions here just takes time away from working on real bugs.

As service-performances, I offer you:

If you should have problems with the installation of phpEasyProject, configuration of Apache-Web server, or PHP, I offer you to it a matching solution.

Adaptation / expansion of existing functionality  
If you miss some important functions or reports, I can develop these after your needs. Also questions after layout from, perhaps individual, no problem is reports for me.

For effective utilization of phpEasyProject, I offer trainings for your employee.

You can tell me per e-mail or by phone. The expenses vary themselves dependent on the reaction-time and number of the users.

EasyWebSolutions is a service-area of IT-Service A.Harder with numerous solutions in the World Wide Web. I've develop for you matching solutions on basis house-own products like phpEasyCMS or phpEasyShop as well as software of other suppliers. More over my performances, you can experience on the Homepage of easyWebSolutions.

When you're interested, please use this contact form.


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